Guest Information

Dress Code

Proper dress while using Club facilities is traditional and conservative and applies to all members, their families, guests and child care providers.Appropriate attire may vary with the season of the year, the facilities being used or the event.Except as specifically permitted in the dress code rules for individual sports, denim of any type and color, cargo-style pants or shorts, gym shorts, tee shirts, bathing suits, halters, tank tops, bare torsos, bare mid-drifts, bare feet and tennis attire are not permitted in or around the main clubhouse, golf facilities and other recreational facilities (unless specific to the particular facility) or dining areas.Men, women and children - the wearing of baseball/golf hats or visors inside the Clubhouse is considered inappropriate with the exception that women will be permitted to wear sports caps or visors in the Grill / Golf Pro Shop / Locker Room areas.Hats worn backwards, in any area, is considered inappropriate. Persons who are not in proper attire will not be admitted to the facilities of the Club.

Wireless Devices

Use of any Wireless Device or Cellular Phone is permitted only in paved parking areas and overnight guest rooms. This includes, but is not limited to, PDAs, Blackberries and Blue Tooth accessories.Members and their guests may not talk, retrieve voicemail, text message, email or play games on any wireless device or cellular phone.Physicians 'on call' and members with medical conditions, may request an exemption from Club management, each time they consider it necessary, when using Club facilities.

Smoking Policy

Sleepy Hollow Country Club will comply with both the Westchester County and New York State 'no smoking' laws. Smoking will be prohibited in all Club buildings, under tents and under awnings.